School District Cost Differentials

Doran Sims Wolfe & Ciocchetti pic

Doran Sims Wolfe & Ciocchetti

With over 30 years of experience as a civil litigation attorney representing many government entities, Ted Doran is a senior partner at the Daytona Beach, Florida, law firm of Doran Sims Wolfe & Ciocchetti. Ted Doran has previous experience as an associate attorney at Leonhardt & Upchurch, also in Florida. In 2002, Mr. Doran represented the school boards of Volusia and Monroe counties in a case challenging the methods used by the Florida Department of Education to calculate school district cost differentials.

A school district cost differential is a yearly adjustment to education appropriations from the government, with the purpose of adjusting the base state funding of a school district based on the price of goods, services, and wages in the county in an attempt to better reflect actual funding needs.

This adjustment can increase or decrease state funding for a school district depending on cost-of-living indices and other factors. A wage index, for example, can have an effect on the amount of funding a school district receives. The implementation and methodology used can have a major impact on individual school districts.


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