FUTURES Foundation’s Turn Around Program Recognizes School Improvement

FUTURES Foundation pic

FUTURES Foundation
Image: myvolusiaschools.org

A founding partner at Doran, Sims, Wolfe, and Ciocchetti in Daytona Beach, Florida, Ted Doran is an attorney who loves to give back to his community. In this capacity, Ted Doran contributes to the FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County Schools.

The FUTURES Foundation’s mission is to engage leadership from businesses and government to help improve Volusia County students’ education and better prepare them for college and university. One of the Foundation’s projects is called the Turn Around program, which recognizes students who improve in terms of attendance, grades, attitude, or their level of involvement in school programs. Turn Around is intended to help prevent students from dropping out by acknowledging and rewarding their hard work.

Many of the students facing difficulties in terms of their schoolwork and behavior often don’t receive much support or positive reinforcement, and as such may be at a higher risk of dropping out. A Turn Around award may show them that hard work pays off and that they are appreciated by their communities, in spite of or even especially if they are facing particularly difficult challenges.

Winners receive a certificate and are invited to a gala dinner with their parents and community members. In 2016, 80 Volusia County students in middle school and high school received awards from the Turn Around program.


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