FUTURES Foundation Opens Opportunities for Volusia County Students

FUTURES Foundation pic

FUTURES Foundation
Image: myvolusiaschools.org


Florida attorney Ted Doran may be best known in his community for the multimillion-dollar court awards he has brought to the state, or for his efforts as a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, in 1985, within only a few years of earning his juris doctor, Ted Doran became one of the founding members of the FUTURES Foundation for Volusia County schools.

The primary goals of the FUTURES Foundation is threefold: facilitate greater involvement among the county’s public schools, communities, and local businesses; encourage and improve quality performances from school faculty and staff; and prepare students to join the workforce that will await them after graduation.

The first two goals are served by programs such as the FUTURES Mini-Grant, which funds enhancements to the curriculum with resources that cannot be provided by school budgets, and the Educator Intern system, which educates community leaders about the school system through on-site shadowing and invites suggestions from them in return.

Of course, the greatest emphasis is on uplifting students. For this, FUTURES offers the Take Stock in Children program for students who demonstrate excellence in the classroom as well as in their civic duties. There is also the Turn Around program to recognize and encourage students who show marked improvement in their personal and scholastic growth.

The FUTURES Foundation is now celebrating 31 years of operation and boasts many more programs, continuing to advance the mission set down by its founders to ensure a quality education for the children of Volusia County.


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