Team Volusia EDC Supports Business Growth in Volusia County

Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation pic

Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation


A founding partner of a private law firm, Ted Doran represents numerous government agencies in Florida. Ted Doran also serves as a founding member and first chairman of Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation, an organization that provides support to local businesses to spur economic prosperity.

Team Volusia EDC represents 16 cities in Volusia County – a 1200-square mile expanse found in northeast Florida. The organization caters to a variety of businesses in aviation and aerospace, film production, and manufacturing.

Team Volusia EDC oversees the growth of businesses in the aerospace and aviation industry in the county, including five local airports and the oldest university specializing in aerospace in the world, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The organization also ensures that local manufacturers, such as Hudson Technologies and Energizer Personal Care, have a proficient labor force trained at local colleges and universities. Team Volusia EDC also welcomes filmmakers who wish to produce a film or commercial, using as a backdrop The World’s Most Famous Beach and the myriad of picturesque settings in Volusia County.


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