Futures Foundation for Volusia County Schools Provides Teacher Grants

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FUTURES Foundation
Image: myvolusiaschools.org

Ted Doran practices civil litigation and acts as the managing partner of Doran, Sims, Wolfe & Ciocchetti. Since 2002, he has also represented the School Board of Volusia County. Long before he was appointed as School Board Attorney, Ted Doran helped found the Futures Foundation for Volusia County Schools.

The Futures Foundation for Volusia County Schools encourages business and civic leaders to support a common goal: to enhance the quality of public education in the county. Through this effort, Futures facilitates fundraising throughout the community for various initiatives, such as the Teacher Grants Program.

The Teacher Grants Program provides teachers with financial aid to purchase classroom resources. These grants empower educators by making possible the purchase of enhanced instructional materials and activities. The Teacher Grants Program can give as much as $1,000 for each application. All public school K-12 teachers and administrators in Volusia County are qualified to apply for this program.